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Are you looking for HVAC service in the Madison, WI area? Give Gold Star Hvacr a call today for your residential and commercial service needs. We have the training and expertise to troubleshoot your furnace, air conditioning, or roof top units. The R also stands for refrigeration, so make us your one-stop shop for all your mechanical needs. Are you concerned about the air quality as well as the temperature? Ask us about air purifier systems, too. Whatever your needs, Gold Star Hvacr will take care of the problem quickly and professionally.

Sample list of HVAC services include:

Furnace clean out
Duct Cleaning
Filter replacement
UV air purification systems
Dryer vent cleaning and inspection
Repair and replace air conditioning
Repair and replace furnaces
Refrigeration services

HVAC Maintenance Keeps Your Business Up and Running

Your HVAC system has many moving parts along with extensive ducting. Dust and dirt can clog filters, create a health hazard, and even cause circulating fans to fail. Schedule your preventative maintenance with us each Spring and Fall and experience fewer outages during the extreme weather of the Summer and Winter. We are equipped to handle your residential or commercial building units and all your heating and cooling service.

Emergency Service for Heating and Cooling 

When your AC or heat goes out, it doesn't take long before tenants, clients, and customers start to complain. When you sign up with us, we are able to deliver emergency heating and cooling repairs, so your business can get back on track with minimal interruption. We have been in business for over 20 years, so we are also familiar with your older systems. Save time and frustration with heating and cooling services.

Local HVAC/R Specialist Also Tackles Refrigeration Issues

Have you been calling yet another vendor for your refrigeration repairs? Gold Star Hvacr is able to tackle it all. When you use a single company for all your Hvacr work, we get the chance to really know your equipment, business, and you! Add a refrigeration P&M to your semi-annual schedule and we will clean out condenser coils, recharge systems, and inspect and replace seals for optimal performance.

Based out of Madison, WI, Gold Star HVACR is available to service all of our residential and commercial neighbors in the area. From furnace upgrades to duct clean outs and repairing an aging air conditioner unit, we are here to make your life more comfortable. Standard service appointments are completed during normal business hours, but give us a call anytime for emergency service.